This room is furnished with antique furniture, TvColor, ceiling fans,air conditioning, heating, bathroom with shower, hair dryer,  panoramic views on Argentario Cape, Giglio and Montecristo Island and Maremma hills.


Daily cleaning room, bed linen and towels,Wifi free, Tv Color, ceiling fans, air conditioning, heating, bathroom with shower, hair dryer, panoramic view.


Cash on arrival or departure


In the years following 2013, the application of the tax will be enforced from 1 March to 31 October.

Persons who book an accommodation in the Comune di Manciano will be charged this tourist tax, subject to the exemptions subsequently detailed below. NB: The tourist tax is paid by the guest and not by the accommodation, so it MUST NOT be included in the room rate. It is instead paid at the time of checkout and is an extra charge added to the cost of the stay.

The tourist tax is applied up to a maximum of 7 nights in the period of application only (i.e. 28 March 2013-31 October 2013). The 7 nights are to be applied in a cumulative sense. The rate of the tourist tax is calculated per person per day.

The following are excluded from paying the tourist tax:

  • 1. Minors under the age of 14
  • 2. People who care for patients receiving treatment in hospitals in the municipality territory
  • 3. Volunteers carrying out rescue services during natural disasters
  • 4. Those who have stayed at least 7 days, during the period in which the tourist tax is applied, in any
    municipality in the Grosseto Province where a tourist tax exists

NB: As exemption number 4 applies to the individual persons, each must provide evidence that he/she qualifies for an exemption to be granted one.

To receive an exemption, persons must provide evidence that they have stayed at least 7 days in any municipality of the Grosseto Province during the period in which a tourist tax has been applied. Evidence must be provided in the form of a receipt showing the tourist tax paid. This is to be presented to the accommodation where the exemption is being sought.

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